Social Care and the Tory Dementia Tax


It is simply wrong to burden the elderly and vulnerable with a dementia tax while cutting tax for big business.  I'm pleased that public outrage has forced the Tories to do a u-turn of sorts.  However it's an optional cap at an unspecified level to be included in a future consultation.  The Tories are leaving thousands of families, who care for loved ones with dementia, with an uncertain future. I will oppose these unfair proposals at every turn and fight for a Britain with time to care.

Under the Tories, deep cuts have been made to local authority budgets that pay for adult social care. After years of sustained funding cuts, social care now faces a significant funding gap. Around 1.2 million people are now left to cope without the care and support they need to manage daily activities and 400,000 fewer people are now receiving publicly funded care than in 2010.

Labour believes in a fully integrated health and social care system, which joins up services from home to hospital. Labour believes that short-term funding for social care is needed to help cope with pressures facing the system. We recognise the need for a more long-term, sustainable funding solution for social care in order to secure the future of services. 

We will ensure that older and vulnerable people are treated decently and with dignity. We don’t want people to fear old age and we believe that those who care for their relatives day-in day-out, should be given more support to do so. That’s why Labour will increase the Carer’s Allowance, benefiting an estimated one million carers by 2021. 




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