Monday 22nd May 2017

Not so much Strong and Stable as Wrong and Feeble

SueSkyTV2.jpgMonday was one of those days that don't quite go to plan but turn out really well!

Sky News contacted us, at an hour's notice, as they wanted to do an interview about Social Care funding and the Tory Dementia tax, an issue  which I feel passionately about. In the last few days it has certainly become a topic that other people have also got worried about, as Theresa May's plans to force people to sell their homes to pay for care have become clearer.

Theresa May had announced her policy on Social Care - yes an older person can keep more money, £100,000 apparently, but now that includes the value of your house, so that at a point when you need care at home it may also be when you lose control over your finances and the security of your house. She has wobbled alarmingly over this This is a tax on dementia and long-term illness, on vulnerable people, and it is cruel, as it is only applied to those who are ill. For many people, they have worked hard all their lives to save for a secure retirement, and if they have bought their house it is the one thing that they can leave to their children. Plymouth Moor View  is a hard working constituency, and this policy could affect thousands of people. 

Also missing from the Tory plan is any idea of where the money is going to come from to pay for the U-turn. Certainly Councils can't afford it. By raising the cash cap, more people living in social care will need to be looked after as they won't have a house, so however you look at this policy it is badly thought out and completely un-costed.

Then the big U-turn. Under pressure,Theresa May has now said there will be an upper limit for the cost but won't say what it is, a blank cheque, how can this be a well costed policy? Why is it that at the first real pressure and scrutiny that Theresa May has faced does she back down and back pedal? Practising for Brexit negotiations? Not so much Strong and Stable as Wrong and Feeble.

Labour has committed to more funding in the short term to get through the social care crisis, then we will properly look at funding a National Care Service, using cross-party working so we can build a model that will last for future generations.

Sue_Southway2.jpgThe interview was a good one, and put me in a mood for canvassing. Concentrating on an issue like Social Care reminds me why I am Labour, and what I want to get done for Plymouth. So off to a newly sunny Southway, where I had the bonus of being joined by my sister Claire, along with what I now am told to call the Southway Massive.

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