Security and dignity in retirement

Security and Dignity in Retirement


Too many of Plymouth’s pensioners are being let down.  Under the Tories, there have been more and more cuts to the Council budgets that pay for social care. Older people are being left stranded on hospital wards - they are well enough to go home, but no money to help them there. 1.2 million people are now left to cope without the care and support they need just to do the ordinary things we all take for granted, like washing, using the loo and getting dressed.

 The Tories have created a crisis in our NHS. Labour founded the NHS and we will always give the NHS the money it needs. When Labour controlled Plymouth Council we worked with health organisations to  build an integrated health and social care system to look after Plymouth’s older people. Under a Labour Government money will be available to continue this work.  

I don’t want people to fear old age, and I believe that those who care for their relatives should be given more support to do just that. It’s why I support Labour’s plans to increase the Carer’s Allowance, which would mean that more than 2,000 carers in Plymouth Moor View would be over £500 better off a year. This money makes a real difference to people’s lives.

 Nearly 20,000 pensioners in Plymouth Moor View will be better off under Labour’s plan to keep the triple lock on state pensions over the lifetime of the next parliament.  And we will keep the Winter Fuel Allowance for all, free bus passes, and, as a WASPI woman myself, I am delighted that Labour will end the unfairness of the way the Tories have speeded up increases to women’s state pension age, and we will compensate those worst affected.

 The last thing that anyone wants when planning their retirement is uncertainty.  I believe that Labour’s plans really will work. There will be no need for the U-turns we have seen from the Tories over the past few weeks as they saw how their attacks on older people were received.  Over the last month I’ve listened to people’s concerns about the dementia tax, how hard it can be to care for their relatives, as well as their fears about the value of their pensions going down. I am certain that as your Labour MP I will be able to deliver a more secure future for the people of Plymouth Moor View.

 Every country can be judged by how it treats those who most need and deserve help - let’s make Plymouth, and Britain, a place that can proudly say it cares for everyone.


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