Thursday 4th May

Meeting Old Friends and Making New Ones



Sue_DannLouise_of_Leigham_027_small.jpgYesterday was a busy day. In the morning I was delighted to meet Louise from Leigham, who I’d helped when I was her local Councillor.  Some youths had started a campaign of throwing stones at her house and harassing her, so it was good to hear about the difference my help and support made to her, and how happy she was to be living safely in her own home.

Meeting and talking with the people I represent is one part of my role as a Councillor that I really enjoy, it’s always a bonus when I get to meet their pets too!

Moor View’s former Labour MP, and my old friend,  Alison Seabeck joined me outside the Windmill in Leigham a bit later. I was so pleased that I have her support. We joined up with a group of Labour volunteers who were knocking on doors in the area, talking to residents, finding out what their priorities are as the General Election approaches. It was a real boost to hear that local people feel that Plymouth Labour are on track and that they are backing me for Parliament.

Later in the afternoon I was at a council Planning Committee meeting, where we were deciding whether houses could be built on the beautiful riverside area between Holly Park and Tamerton Foliot. It was a privilege to speak and vote against the application, which was clearly unsuitable. There had been the sort of campaign against it from local people that would put an army to shame. Well done all.

And so to the Plymouth Labour HQ on the Hoe. The place was buzzing with volunteers who are working hard to ensure Labour are successful in both Plymouth seats on June 8th. The energy in the room was contagious and I was touched to experience everyone’s support.

Thank you all for your help and support!