Tuesday 16th May 2017

A New Day - a New Office


It's been a wet and windy few days, and one of my team asked about compensation for trench foot! Tuesday was taken up with a couple of visits that I made with Luke Pollard, Labour candidate for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport. We went to the Piety Centre and the St Jude's Community drop in coffee morning.  Both these outstanding organisations, from different faith backgrounds, work in the community supporting local  people.

Then it was up to Christian Mill, where we have set up a  Plymouth Moor View Labour Hub for all our volunteers. This is a really useful addition, as it means people don't have to trek into the City Centre through the roadworks that the Tory Council has timetabled to all appear at the same time. We are using it as a place where volunteers can pick up my leaflets and newsletters, and it's somewhere to rest weary legs - so it will be even more useful when it stops raining! Then another, still wet, trip into St Budeaux for some door knocking with a team including a new volunteer, Deggie, who came over from Bovey Tracey to campaign for me. We have had people come into Plymouth from across Devon and Cornwall to help. Unlike the Tories, we don't have the business backers to spend money on paid deliveries - it's a people powered campaign.

I got home just in time to catch the news, and then it was time for some night time reading of Labour's new, full Manifesto. No longer can people say "you're all just the same.", Unlike the Tories, the Labour Party fully supports our public services. We will ensure the NHS has the money to modernise properly without sending every service into crisis, we will fund our schools properly, and we will build decent homes for people, at a price they can actually afford to buy and rent. We want a Brexit  that will protect our jobs and our export market, safeguard hard-won rights on holidays, maternity pay and leave, and protect working hours. We want a Brexit that means British businesses have the skilled workers that they need, rather than joining a mad race to the bottom of the pay and skills league. The only policy that the Conservatives have seems to be the presidential campaign for Theresa May, but what is their vision for our country under Brexit, and for our public services for the next five years? They seem to be all slogan and no substance.

Read the manifesto here

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